Just after arriving in the market town of Syterna in the barbaric northern land of Cimmeria, Conan saw a local Baron picking out the next girl to have the honor of sharing his bed. The Baron’s bodyguards moved to collect her, but she squashed a piece of fruit into one of the bodyguard’s faces.

A guard drew a sword on the young woman who swiftly slayed him with her own blade. His comrades rushed forward to attack, shoving Conan out of the way, but Conan swiftly retaliated, punching one in the nose. Battle ensued and two more bodyguards were killed; however, before Conan and the cloaked swordswoman could escape, the town guard surrounded them.

As Conan plotted how to escape the dungeon, the girl named Alhambra used a magic ring to blast their way out of their cell. Recovering their swords and stealing horses, they escaped from Syterna.[1]

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