A member of the White Room, an off-shot of the Kymellians created by the Kree, Syyr Greyrun was gifted with "the sight beyond sight." He became a sage, called the Moonlight Eye, and the wisest among his community.[1]


After Thanos attacked Earth and Black Bolt detonated Attilan, the Universal Inhumans departed the planet. Unwelcome in their homeworlds, they made of Akuunos, the land of the godless Centaurians (or Akuun) on Centauri-IV, their new home, and built Novahala.[2]

When a mysterious Obelisk crashed in the Great Desert outside Novahala, the Moonlight Eye ventured to examine it with his powers. Unfortunately for Greyrun, the structure took control of him. Light Brigade members Midnight Blade and Stonethrower were sent to retrieve Greyrun, but his powers amplified by the Obelisk forced them to retreat and leave him there to die.

Syyr Greyrun (Earth-616) from Royals Vol 1 7 003

Greyrun's corpse

Some time later, the crew of Inhumans led by Medusa visited the site of the Obelisk with the queens of the Universal Inhumans, and Greyrun's carcass laid next to the Obelisk.[1]


Syyr Greyrun was gifted with the sight beyond sight.[1]

He could make appear a psionic eye to read into objects. Possibly only when enhanced, this eye could fire destructive blasts.[1]


Greyrun's power made him the wisest of the White Room.[1]

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