T'Chaka was the King of the African nation of Wakanda and the Black Panther at the time.

World War II

During World War II, T'Chaka's nation was invaded by Hydra led by Heinrich Zemo, until Steve Rogers and Howard Stark helped save his home country. Zemo's forces trespassed on Wakanda to obtained the legendary Amulet of the Crocodile Spirit, T'Chaka attempted to stop him and fought over the amulet. The amulet was so powerful and unpredictable that it nearly destroyed them both, the only way to save them selves was to work together, they agreed to a truce and left it deep underground beneath the palace.[1] Out of gratitude for their assistance, T'Chaka gifted Howard with Vibranium alloy that he would later use to create Captain America's Shield.[2]


T'Chaka died at unspecified circumstances, to which after his passing, his first born son T'Challa succeeded him as the next king and mantle of the Black Panther.[2]


Seemingly those of T'Chaka of Earth-616.

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