King T'Challa was the regent of Wakanda and bearer of the mantle of the Black Panther. He had two children, the arrogant T'Challa and the technologically-adept Shuriri. T'Chaka was callous and often clashed with T'Challa, and exiled his son to America.

King T'Chaka

When the Freeman attacked Wakanda and targeted the garden where the Heart-Shaped Herb was planted, T'Chaka confronted the intruders. Despite the Freemen's augmentations, T'Chaka managed to fend them off. However, he was caught off-guard by an explosion that destroyed the garden, and the distraction cost him his life.[1]

Upon learning of his father's death, T'Challa returned to Wakanda and was tempted by the demonic entity Zarathos to hunt down the killes. To this end, Zarathos bestowed her power upon T'Challa, turning him into the Ghost Panther. In the afterlife, T'Chaka tried to convince Zarathos to take him instead to spare T'Challa of the demonic influence. When T'Challa confronted Erik Killraven, the killer gained the upper hand. T'Chaka's spirit persuaded Zarathos into accepting him into her service to aid his son. T'Chaka was returned to life in the form of a flaming giant panther, giving the Ghost Panther the edge necessary to kill Killraven.[2]

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