The Coal Tiger is secretly, T'Chaka, the prince of the technologically rich nation of Wakanda. His father, T'Challa, is also the hero known as the Black Panther, and served time as an Avenger. While escorting the Wakandan ambassador, N'Kano (formerly the hero known as Vibraxas), to a trade agreement signing in Washington, he was attacked by the Soldiers of the Serpent who gassed him, N'Kano and the SHIELD agent assigned to them. The Avengers arrived in time to save the prince, but the Soldiers made off with N'Kano. T'Chaka insisted on accompanying the Avengers to rescues the ambassador, but when they objected, he revealed his power to transform into a "cat-man." As Coal Tiger, he helped them free N'Kano and defeat the Soldiers.[1]

Coal Tiger resurfaced to aid the Avengers against the Revengers.[2] He joined the team reserves and was later called into action when Magneto apparently resurfaced.[3]


T'Chaka is able to transform into a humanoid cat-like being. In his Coal Tiger form is more agile, stronger, faster and has better senses than a human.


Trained in various forms of combat and diplomacy.

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