His life possibly mirrored that of his mainstream counterpart, until the plague struck that turned superhumans into cannibals.

He was part of the science team in the Baxter Building looking for the cure. During The Thing's rampage in the Baxter Building, T'Challa went to subdue Red She-Hulk who was eating the soldiers protecting the building. He was immediately taken down and captured to be feasted until rescued by Punisher and Wolverine.

He was among the last tacticians for the heroes and evacuated with the remaining science crew to the north pole, to work on a cure. Three years later, they still haven't found anything.[1]


Seemingly those of T'Challa (Earth-616)#Powers.

Due to some error Black Panther appears to be infected in New York in Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher even though in Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers he is seen to have left to the North Pole to work in a cure.

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