T'Challa inherited both the throne of his homeland, Wakanda, and the mantle of the Black Panther, at the age of 13 when his father was murdered in front of him. As the Black Panther, T'Challa spent many years fighting crime in both Wakanda and the United States of America. He became good friends with Government agent Everett K. Ross during his many adventures, at least one of which included a declaration of war against the mutant Magneto. T'Challa would later sever all diplomatic ties with the United States after an unknown incident resulted in the death of numerous Wakandan civilians, returning the nation to the isolationist roots originally enforced by his late father.

T'Challa was succeeded by two children- Oni Faida and T'Charra. Due to the criminal actions of Faida's unknown mother, T'Challa was forced to send her away to maintain political peace, leaving her to be raised by his former Dora Milaje Queen Divine Justice, while he spent over two decades combing T'Charra as the next of his line to claim the Wakandan throne.

After years in isolation, T'Challa was finally brought back to America to investigate the kidnapping of Everett Ross. Ross was captured by a cabal of the Panther's enemies lead by Killmonger, with the intention of drawing T'Challa out. T'Challa arrived too late- instead discovering the bodies of Killmonger, Hunter and his own daughter- with an attached note revealing T'Charra to be the murderer. The revelation of his own son's villainy nearly caused T'Challa's heart to stop, until he was saved by the intervention of Monica Lynne.

Swearing to stop his son and save Ross, T'Challa recruited a team of his old friends including The Falcon, Power Man, and Brother Voodoo, and tracked T'Charra down to Coney Island. Despite his aging body and the explosive traps set by the prince, T'Challa was able to rescue Ross and defeat T'Charra- ultimately choosing to spare his son's life, and return him to Wakanda. Reuniting with Ross one last time, T'Challa began to succumb to his injuries in the back of his flying car- seeing a vision of his deceased lover in the afterlife beckoning him, until Ross was able to revive him. Regaining consciousness, the Panther set course for a return to Wakanda with his son in tow, as there was still much T'Challa had to do.


Seemingly those of T'Challa (Earth-616)#Powers.

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