Through the magic of King Solomon's Frogs, this Black Panther was apparently transported back in time. Apparently a version of King T'Challa from ten years in the future,[1] this Panther had an uncharacteristically exuberant outlook on life, influenced in part by the aneurysm that was slowly killing him.

Placed in suspended animation for a time until a cure could be found, the second Panther was released and temporarily stabilized by Nightshade.[2]

Ultimately, however, the Panther succumbed to his malady, seemingly condemning his younger self to that same fate, for the present Panther had also suffered the same aneurysm. He was returned to stasis until a cure could be found. However, Man-Ape appeared and smashed his stasis tube, killing him.[1]


Seemingly those of Black Panther of Earth-616 as well as Telepathy which he sometimes referred to as 'ESP' and which allowed him to scan the thoughts of his opponents to discern who they were and how they would act, according to T'Challa this telepathy was gained following a battle with Kiber the Cruel[1]


Panther Habit

  • This version of Black Panther was drawn in a style more common in the 60's and 70's as well as behaving and speaking more like a character from that time, this caused characters who believed him to be the more stoic and reserved Black Panther some confusion and concern.[2]

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