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Quote1.png Now, you see, listening is always the answer, young spider. In combat, and in all aspects of life. When you listen, you open your mind to a world of possibility. Quote2.png
Black Panther[src]

T'Challa was the king of Wakanda and the superhero Black Panther.



Rescued by Spider-Man

Black Panther was searching for stolen Vibranium and pinpointed the stolen metals to a warehouse in New York City. Walking into the secret basement of the warehouse, he found that Spider-Man had been investigating the warehouse and the two teamed-up to recover the Vibranium. Despite easily dispatching the armed goons, being ambushed by Klaw knocked the heroes down. Luckily, Spider-Man was thrown into the stash of Vibranium and he used some to block Klaw's attack and apprehend Klaw.[3]

Stark Center

After an attendee of the Maria Stark Science Center's project went haywire to cover an Arc Reactor robbery, Tony Stark asked T'Challa to investigate. He and the Dora Milaje found Ganke Lee attempting to cover up that Peter Parker's suitcase was found in the programmer's room. T'Challa opened the case to find a pair of Web-Shooters, discovering that Parker was really Spider-Man. He called out Spidey and told him someone was trying to frame him.[2]

Later that night, Black Panther caught The Vulture ransacking the center. With the help of Spidey and his allies Ganke and Goriana, T'Challa was able to capture the flying lowlife.[4]



Seeming those of the T'Challa of Earth-616.


Seeming those of the T'Challa of Earth-616.


Seeming those of the T'Challa of Earth-616.



Seeming that of the T'Challa of Earth-616.

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