As the King of Wakanda, T'Challa was one of the people Toni Stark invited to Stark Island in order to see her new reactor she had Bruce Banner design. Whilst there, he aided the Island's security forces in holding off the Atlantean Invasion.[1]

Later, after the defeat of Galactus, T'Challa was present when Dr.Doom attacked the U.N. conference and fought alongside the Avengers in order to try and stop him. After a crippling defeat at the hands of the Latverian dictator, Nick Fury chided T'Challa for the loss of the majority of the Avengers, blaming him in particular for the death of Captain America.[2]

Soon after, T'Challa, alongside Scarlet Witch and Tigra were gathered together by Dr. Strange in order to combat the threat of Dr. Doom, but as the others conferred, T'Challa went ahead to confirm his suspicions.[3]

Infiltrating Doom's fortress alone, he faced the enemy head on, revealing Doom to be his own sister, T'Channa; however, he was quickly defeated and captured. Beginning her attack against the other heroes, T'Channa's Doom Mecha was destroyed at the hands of the Fantastic Four, leaving her to battle the remaining Avengers on foot, battling her brother determinedly. When she turned to attack Scarlet Witch, T'Challa lifted his sister over his head and threw her at the remaining Avenger, who impaled her on her own sword.[4]

T'Challa's necklace was later seen amongst the trophies in the Hand's possession, implying him to be one of the many deceased heroes.[5]

T'Challa (Falcon) (Earth-2301)

as Falcon


This version of T'Challa is a shaman who can call on the power of guardian spirits to inhabit his body. He displayed the ability to take on two such forms before his seeming death.[citation needed]

  • Black Panther: The most common form T'Challa assumed. He would become a large Were-panther of sorts, seemingly with enhanced physical attributes as well as an impressive set of claws.[citation needed]
  • Falcon: A less drastic change, this form gave T'Challa wings integrated with his arms, allowing him to fly. He used this form to fly to Doom's castle above Manhattan.[citation needed]

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