T'Challa, along with his sister Shuri, joined the Illuminati and along with them dealt with the Incursions which threatened their reality's planet Earth.

During one of these Incursions, the Black Priests arrived alongside the other Earth, and engaged the Illuminati in combat. For all of their power, the Illuminati discovered that they were unable to even harm the Priests- who quickly killed the entire team, burning T'Challa to death alongside Iron Man and Mister Fantastic. With the Illuminati dead, the Priests were able to destroy Earth-23099 in an event witnessed by the Illuminati of Earth-616 from their universe using the Bridge.[1]


Seemingly those of the T'Challa of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the T'Challa of Earth-616.

T'Challa wears the White Panther suit, commonly associated to the Hatut Zeraze. It is unknown if he is part of such organization.

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