T'Challa was the prince of Wakanda along side his father King T'Chaka. At some point his father was challenged by M'Baku for the White Gorilla Tribe, whom had been exiled long ago. Nevertheless, the fight ensued. By the end of the fight, it seemed T'Chaka had won. However, Man-Ape was somehow able to turn the tide (by some unseen help from Klaw). T'Challa then donned his father's Black Panther Suit and fled Wakanda. [1]

Hiding in the shadows

He then went to New York to ask the Avengers for help in defeating Man-Ape and reclaiming his throne. Weeks later while Baron Zemo was trying to kill Captain America, T'Challa threw his shield protecting him. [citation needed]

Finding Help

Later he attacked the Avengers to test their powers and asked them for help. When they defeated Man-Ape and Ulysses Klaw, T'Challa decided to stay with the Avengers in New York.[2]

As the new member of the Avengers, he helps the team in defeating other villainous and alien threats.[citation needed]

As Iron Man told them of the Skrull infiltration inside their team and the world, T'Challa had to leave the team and came back to Wakanda.[citation needed]

Back in his country, he donned his cape and ordered his people to prepare for the Skrull invasion as they built up their forces and defenses.[citation needed]

When the "Avengers" infiltrated Wakanda and convinced Ms. Marvel to join them, Black Panther ordered his forces and defenses, which were been equipped with the most advanced Vibranium-powered weapons and equipment two months ago, to attack them. Black Panther had fought alongside his people against the "Avengers" and Ms. Marvel until when a Wakandan tank shot at Thor, he was revealed to be a Skrull after being taken out along with the Skrull posing as Black Panther.[citation needed]

Realizing the treachery, Ms. Marvel then attacked the Skrull Avengers in anger as she fought with Black Panther, Wasp and Hawkeye. After taking down the Skrulls, T'Challa refused to rejoin the team since it's his duty to protect Wakanda.[citation needed]

After the Skrull invasion, T'Challa had welcomed his friends as they went to his throneroom where the Vibranium reassembling machine is there in their bid to restore the shattered pieces of the shield. But they're interrupted by Vision's arrival. His people had tried their best to stop him but were easily defeated despite assistance from their king, Thor and Captain America.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of T'Challa of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of T'Challa of Earth-616.






Vibranium claws and knives

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