Quote1 I've come to learn everything I can about the outside world, and return the knowledge for the good of Wakanda. I will also be purchasing many souvenirs... Quote2
-- Black Panther src

T'Challa was the prince of Wakanda.

Civil War

When Agent 13 and Wonder Man were captured by Hydra Machine, he tried to free them but wasn't able to and ended up captured by then as well.

Some time later, Hydra launched an attack at the Avengers Academy with the same machine. T'Challa was freed by the Academy Students and joined the Academy and, helping defeat Hydra.

After Captain America and Iron Man resolved their differences and defeated Hydra together, Black Panther asked his father to send the Dora Milaje to take the chance and destroy the other Hydra bases now that they were weakened.[1]


Seemingly those of T'Challa of Earth-616


Seemingly those of T'Challa of Earth-616


Seemingly the same as T'Challa of Earth-616

  • T'Challa was considered one of the eight smartest people in the world.[1]
  • T'Challa called himself The King despite only being a prince.[1]
  • Iron Man described his voice as both forceful and comforting.[1]
  • Loki's nickname for T'Challa was Dark Leopard.[1]

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