Born in the Earth’s orbit aboard Asteroid M, to parents T’Challa and Lisa Hendricks. T'Channa’s first trip to Earth was five years after his parents first left; an Earth picked clean of human life by an infectious zombie contagion.[1]

40 Years Later

T'Channa has died, but left behind a young, primary school age son named K'Shamba. After the zombies return to Earth, it is revealed that Reynolds and Forge did an experiment with his body after finding a "partially functioning brain," which was that of Colonel America. When they revealed his body, he was outfitted with a mechanical left arm and dressed in Colonel America's outfit. He almost immediately attacks T'Challa, thinking he is still in war and that T'Challa was an enemy. After being reminded of his friendship with T'Challa by Reynolds, he joins their alliance.

He is next seen in the group that encounters Iron Man, after he gets into the palace in New Wakanda. He helps defend the survivors after the Hulk attacks the survivors, but is swatted away like a fly by the Hulk. His recent appearance is when Malcolm Cortez, after being revealed to be T'Channa's killer and the conspirator in T'Challa's assassination attempt, sends the heroes to another dimension. His fate remains unknown.[2]

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