The sister of T'Challa, king of Wakanda, T'Channa and the rest of her siblings were beaten (she implies rather brutally) by their brother in a contest for succession to the throne. Finding herself defeated, she left Wakanda and traveled with the intention of increasing her magical abilities in order to defeat her brother.

She soon found her way to Latveria, where she became a disciple of its ruler, Victor von Doom. Training under him, she hid her true potential from him until the time was right. Killing Doom, she took his armour and assumed his mantle as Ruler of Latveria.

T'Channa ruled Latveria quietly, bringing it rapid technological advancement, but not stirring anything beyond its borders until Galactus' attack. During the attack, one of the hulking creature's tentacles impacted on Latveria, causing a high loss of life. Afterwards, the United Nations occupied itself with dealing with the Inhumans. In response, T'Channa attacked their summit, defeating the Avengers in the process and killing President Steve Rogers and two of his comrades.

From there, T'Channa aggressively took over Manhattan, using a levitating fortress to enforce her rule.


Techno Magic: The unique combination of magic and technology at Doom's disposal. T'Channa uses an army of Doombots and the Doom Mecha, which is powered by energies taken from Limbo and the Negative Zone.


Doombringer: a double edged broad sword with incriptions along the blade, it is T'Channa's primary weapon and is often used to channel her powers.

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