T'Korr was Majestor of the Shi'ar Empire centuries ago. His father provided the Strontians with the cure to the Wraith Plague which had been plaguing them, causing them to swear undying and eternal loyalty to the Shi'ar throne. T'Korr was the one who first assembled the Imperial Guard, decreeing that each Shi'ar world would povide its greatest champion to the guard. He personally oversaw the selection of the Strontian candidates and to test their loyalty asked them to kill their high council.

Faced with a choice between those who had raised them and those they had sworn to serve, many of the Strontian cadets were made vulnerable and were killed while assaulting the Elders. In the end only Kallark -who had been informed by the council that the Shi'ar had a starcracker orbiting the Strontians' sun and that unless the Elder Council was killed, the Shi'ar would cause the sun to go nova - was willing to kill the council. T'Korr deduced that Kallark had known what was at stake, but impressed with his loyalty made him the Praetor of the Imperial Guard and gave him the name Gladiator.

Kallark would later note that T'Korr was a hard man but a good leader who put his subjects before himself.[1]

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