Early Life

T'Shan was born and raised in the African nation of Wakanda. He was the son of S'Yan the current Black Panther, who took over the position when his brother T'Chaka was killed.[1]

T'Challa's Return

T'Shan hoped to take over the throne, but when his cousin T'Challa returned from studying abroad he took part in the right to rule ritual of combat. He beat S'Yan and became the new Black Panther and king of Wakanda. T'Shan was jealous of this but T'Challa still saw potential in his cousin an appointed him the country's United Nations ambassador and sent him to New York City.[1]

The Cannibal

While Ulysses Klaue attacked Wakanda with all his forces, Cannibal was sent to New York City at the United Nations, in order to mess up the Wakandan diplomacy. She presented to T'Shan as Igor Stancheck/Radioactive Man's wife, and that he was a Chernobyl victim, mutated by the accident, that he was employed in exchange of a cure, and that she didn't trusted them. She offered her "help" in exchange of what Wakanda would cure her "husband".[2]

Although being checked by T'Shan's assistant regarding her profile,[2], the presence of weapons, cybernetic enhancements, foreign biological agents, her marriage with Stancheck, no dissimulation was found.[3]

Cannibal and T'Shan (Earth-616) from Black Panther Vol 4 6 0001

Transferring into T'Shan

Going to Wakanda in order to solve the situation, their plane was shot by Klaw, made miss his initial target by T'Challa. Close to death, the Cannibal managed to kiss T'Shan, transferring its consciousness into the Wakandan ambassador body, satisfied by the new body possessed and the possibilities offered by it.[3]

During the escalation of the Wakandan/Atlantean conflict, the Wakanda U.N. ambassador was killed. It was unrevealed if it was still T'Shan.[4]

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