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The T'ai Javinee was a large, flying sky-galleon captained by the pirate, Long John McGlurk. While sailing through the skies one afternoon, the ship's crew took note of a strange individual spontaneously appearing on the deck of their vessel. Though they mistook him for a creature known as a Boggie, it was in fact an Earth mutant by the name of Nightcrawler. Captain McGlurk brought the stowaway on board his ship and quickly befriended him. Their camaraderie soon ended however, when Captain McGlurk brought the T'ai Javinee's weapons to bear upon a noble sky-craft known as the Royal Barge of Bel Amee Anora. He ordered his men to open fire on the barge, and a battery of highly advanced laser cannons let loose a flurry of energy blasts. Horrified by the Captain's actions, Nightcrawler betrayed the crew and turned the T'ai Javinee's own weapons against her crew. He soon abandoned the vessel, preferring the company of those on board the royal barge.[citation needed]

Captain McGlurk later used the T'ai Javinee to attack L'un Dun-T'wn – the fortress stronghold of the sorcerer, Shagreen. During this battle, McGlurk made amends with Nightcrawler and even assisted him in destroying Shagreen's citadel. Following this affair, Long John McGlurk continued to act as ship's captain and piloted the T'ai Javinee on many adventures.[citation needed]

Crew of the T'ai Javinee

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  • The T'ai Javinee appears to be capable of atmospheric flight only, though this has never been confirmed nor refuted.

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