T'urin G'ar is an energy being belonging to the community known as "The Body". He was bound by "Starstuff Bonds" and expelled for the crime of 'unmutual acts' against the collective. Starstuff found his way to Earth where he first encountered a group of children in Carson's Glen. He absorbed their life energies and formed himself into humanoid form. Soon after he encountered the Dire Wraiths whom he would not just absorb their energy, but consume them entirely finding them far more satisfying. With each being he consumed, Starstuff grew and desired to add more to his own collective body. He would soon come into conflict with the Spaceknight Rom who desired the return of the children's life force. In the ensuing battle, Rom used his Neutralizer which negated the Starstuff Bonds holding G'ar freeing him. Realizing his error, Rom utilized a Starstuff belt to once again bind G'ar and drain him of all but enough energy to survive. Rom then cast T'urin G'ar back into deep space and returned the life essences of the children of Carson Glen restoring them to life.[1]

Starstuff would later be captured by the Stranger and held captive on his laboratory world. He would be used as a pawn of the Overmind to attack the Stranger and his allies. G'ar targeted Quasar sensing that he, like Rom, had the power to free him from the Starstuff Bonds. Quasar realized that G'ar was attempting to use him and reversed the attack draining G'ar of energy and leaving him incapacitated.[2][3] What became of him afterwards is unknown.


  • Energy Manipulation
  • Life Force Absorption: He is able to absorb life energies from beings, increasing his own power.

Strength level

Superhuman to an unknown level


Starstuff Bonds imposed on T'urin G'ar limit his powers and abilities. Without these restraints, his power is significantly greater.

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