Low-level goons in the Fortunato crime family, Mutt and T-Bone were sent by Jimmy-6 to Cypress Hills Cemetery to retrieve a chest. They grabbed the chest and fought the vampire mobsters guarding it in a running battle that eventually took them to a convenience store. Once there, they were assisted by Spider-Man and Blade but managed to lose both T-Bone and the chest to the vampire mobsters. Mutt, Spider-Man, and Blade followed the vampires to an abandoned Roxxon factory on Manhattan's Lower West Side, where they confronted Hunger. Mutt found T-Bone, who had become one of Hunger's vampiric thralls and tried to feed off Mutt. Mutt staked him instead, weakening Hunger, and fled.[1]


Seemingly those of a typical living vampire.


Seemingly those of a typical living vampire.

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