"Big Boy" T-Rider Rex was one of the many Igniter Spirits who were forced by Arcade and Chief Zadkiel to race in the Killiseum's Ghost Races for the entertainment of its audience. As the other Spirits of Ignition, T-Rider Rex raced to get the first place prize, which was temporary freedom from the arena, otherwise, it would be sent to its dungeons to be tortured along with the other losers.

When Arcade forced Robbie to return to the Killiseum after he had escaped from it by putting his brother, Gabe, in his place in the Ghost Races, T-Rider Rex, like the other Ghost Racers, tried to kill them both. But they were able to escape its attacks because Robbie managed to teleport himself and his brother out of its range. Seeing that the Igniter Spirits weren't enough to defeat Robbie, Arcade released the Venus Compiler, his killer automaton, to deal with him. Robbie, however, managed to free the other Ghost Racers from Zadkiel's control with Slade's help and they destroyed the Venus Compiler. Afterwards, Robbie and the Ghost Racers defeated both Zadkiel, who had his soul devoured by Robbie's Spirit of Ignition, and Arcade, who had his eyes stabbed by Alejandra and was later run over by all the Ghost Racers.

Free from the Killiseum, T-Rider Rex and the rest of the Ghost Racers vowed to punish the wicked and corrupt with their power as the Spirits of Vengeance.[1]


It could be assumed T-Rider Rex possessed all the powers given to every Spirit of Vengeance.


It could be assumed T-Rider Rex possessed all the abilities given to every Spirit of Vengeance.


A R-99 Raptor Jet Fighter powered by Hellfire.


Rocket launchers built-in its cybernetic arms, as well as the armaments in its Jet Fighter.

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