"Marvel goes to the Summer X Games!"

THWIP! The Big Marvel Show Season 1 7
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"Marvel goes to the Summer X Games!"
Judith Stephens

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Synopsis for "Marvel goes to the Summer X Games!"

The show begins with host Lorraine Cink introducing the guest host Nick Lowe, an executive editor of the Spider-Man comics. Nick Lowe was replacing usual host Ryan Penagos for the week.

The two hosts start with the Marvel Trending segment of the show by talking about the Howard the Duck movie and the star from that movie appearing in Howard the Duck #9. They then show an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6. Afterwards, they give an exclusive reveal of the Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy comic book event coming up and the show transitions to the Comic Book Pick of the Week segment, where Nick chooses Doctor Strange #9 as his pick and Lorraine chooses Deadpool v Gambit #1.

Lorraine explains that usual host Ryan Penagos is in Dallas, Texas at the 2016 X-Games, and the show switches to feature him in Texas. Ryan shows off the Marvel booth at the X-Games and the free items they are giving away. He then interviews a couple motocross riders, asking them if they would rather have Spider-Man's web-shooters or Captain America's shield while riding. He comedically tours other parts of the Marvel booth before the focus of the show is shifted back to the two hosts in New York. The show ends with the Social Hour segment where the hosts respond to comments left on Twitter.


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