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Ta-Lo, also called Daluo Tian (the Great Canopy Heaven),[1] was one of the God Realms, among the Inner Planes,[3] and a small "pocket" dimension adjacent to Earth, and the home dimension of the Xian. The highest of the 36 heavens of the Chinese gods.

Interdimensional nexuses between Earth and Ta-Lo exist at each of the Five Great Mountains: Hua Shan in the West, Tai Shan in the East, Nan Heng Shan in the South, Bei Heng Shan in the North, and Song Shan in the center. In addition to the Xian, other beings inhabit Ta-Lo and its associated heavens, including celestial dragons, phoenix-like fenghuang, the hoofed qilin beasts, and the canine-like haetae. The great majority of the Xian reside in Ta-Lo (aka, as "Daluo Tian", the Great Canopy Heaven) and its 35 lesser heavens, in addition to Fengdu (the Taoist underworld).[1][4]


In modern times, after nearly all of the Asgardian gods were killed in a Celestial invasion, Thor traveled to Ta-Lo to obtain the life energies needed to resurrect his fellow Asgardians, which the Xian skyfather Yu Huang readily gave him.[4]

Points of Interest

  • Yujing Shan [玉京山] ("The Jade Capital") - The capital of Ta-Lo, from where the Xian skyfather Yu Huang rules.[5]
    • The Jade Court - Yu Huang's court at Yujing Shan, where he and his official viziers (such as Shou-Hsing) administer the heavens.[6][5]
  • Gardens of Xi Wangmu - Area where the Xian goddess of immortality and Queen Mother of the West, Xi Wangmu, grows the P'an-t'ao [蟠桃] ("Peaches of Immortality"), which are then bestowed upon mortals deemed worthy to ascend to godhood.[6][1]



  • Interdimensional nexuxes between Ta-Lo and Earth exist at each of the Five Great Mountains: Tai Shan (East), Hua Shan (West), Bei Heng Shan (North), Nan Heng Shan (South) and Song Shan (center).[1]

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