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Quote1 ...fellow Scienceers of the Sixth Infinity--the time has come. We are the last beings of our universe. Quote2
Galan of Taa[src]

The Taa-ans were an advanced race of humanoids that lived on the planet Taa in the previous iteration of the universe.[3][4]

As they were from the defunct Sixth Cosmos, this race does not exist anymore. However, one of them, Galan, survived beyond the end of time and got elevated to the cosmic being known as Galactus.[3]

Later, another Taa-an, Taaia, got displaced to the current cycle.[5]


Taa-ans from Thor Vol 6 24 001

Several Taa-an Scienceers with Scienceer Supreme Taaia

The Taa-ans were unmatched in their scientific prowess.[3] Their great technocrats were called Scienceers, who each had their own Hyper-Lab. They were also the equivalent of super heroes and would defend Taa from threats like the Sixth Cosmos' Devourer of Worlds, Omnimax.[4] The Scienceers were led by a Scienceer Supreme, such as Taaia.[6]

Near the end of the Sixth Cosmos, the universe was dying from a "plague" known as the Black Winter.[7] A Taa-an named Galan had discovered this and warned his people, but they could not stop the universal decay. While the last Taa-ans succumbed on their final space mission, the last survivor Galan was approached by the Sentience of the Universe who informed him that they were both dying but would pass on together to the time beyond time as Galactus.[3]

Alternate Realities[]


The Taa-ans were the inhabitants of the planet Taa. They were a people of sciences and arts; however, facing the radiation plague unleashed by the machinations of the Dweller-in-Darkness on the M'kraan Crystal, the Taa-ans were decimated. Galen and Taa-an scientists decided to approach the epicenter of the universal decay, the Cosmic Egg. While the others eventually died, Galan was greeted welcome by the Sentience of the Universe and entered the Cosmic Egg, emerging later as the world-devourer Galactus.[1]



Currently 2: Galactus and Taaia.[5] Formerly billions.[3]


Level of Technology

High level. Space travel. They travelled using Thought-Spheres.[3][1]

Cultural Traits

At least at festivities, many of the Taa-ans wore silvered eye-patches on the right eye and had facial tattoos.[8]



  • In the original telling of Galactus' origin in Thor #169, the Taa-ans were implied to exist in the current universe. They were dying from a plague, not the end of the universe. Galactus' origin was dramatically overhauled in Super-Villain Classics #1.
  • The destination of the Taa-ans' last mission has been subjected to retcons:

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