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Quote1 How could I face my son again--if I "turned tail"?! In the face of the "ultimate quest"?! Instead--I choose a "leap of faith"!! To beat impossible odds--and impossible gods!! Quote2

Taaia is a Taa-an Scienceer Supreme of the planet Taa in the Sixth Cosmos.[4][3] She is the mother of Galan, who would later be known as Galactus.[5] After joining the Eighth Cosmos' Defenders twice,[6][7] and learning her son's future,[8] she decided to stay in the Eighth Cosmos.[9]


On Taa, Taaia was a highly respected Scienceer.[5][4] She had her own science fortress that few had laid eyes on. She used her own DNA and selected donor seed from an unidentified person to have a son, Galan, and gestated him in a "womb tube" of her own design. She hoped that Galan would one day surpass her.[5]

When the devourer Omnimax attacked Taa, Taaia created the Mother-Cube, a device that weaponises emotions. She was assisted in stopping Omnimax by the time-travelling Defenders from the Eighth Cosmos and was sent backwards in time with them to the Fifth Cosmos. She joined the Defenders on their hunt of Carlo Zola and travelled to the Fourth Cosmos, and then the Third. At the end of their journey, she gifted her headpiece to Doctor Strange as a souvenir.[6]

Taaia (Earth-616) from Defenders Beyond Vol 1 2 0001
Back in the Sixth Cosmos, she encountered a time-displaced Loki, who had gone to the Outside[10] and saw a threat to the Eighth Cosmos.[4] She travelled with him to the Eighth Cosmos and met up with a new roster of Defenders. They were sent to the Neutral Zone by Eternity who tasked them to go Outside and find out the identity of his enemy. She was critically injured by a Beyonder in the Beyond, before temporarily bonding with the Phoenix Force in the White Hot Room, and then learning her son's future as Galactus in the Land of Couldn't-Be-Shouldn't-Be. When the Defenders reached the House of Ideas, the One Above All showed them a preview of the "Enigma" that threatened Eternity and the Defenders returned home. Unable to go back with her memories, Taaia chose to stay in the Eighth Cosmos so she could meet Galactus and would help defend the Eighth Cosmos until then.[7]



Taaia's armor can create energy constructs such as whips and fists.


Mother-Cube - A device powered by all the emotions on Taa designed to repel the devourer Omnimax.


Lifebringer - A hovercraft named after the Lifebringer One.


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