Taaru obtained the Talismans of Power and used them to enslave a small village in China and took ownership (or built) a fortress to rule from. While Valkyrie was wandering the world seeking solitude, she stumbled across the village and attempted to stop there to rest. Taaru sent his elemental creatures against her and she was subdued and knocked out by the four elementals. She was taken to Taaru's dungeon and was held by him for a short period of time before being directly taken to him. She reclaimed her sword and took the Talismans of Power away from Taaru and crushed them. This caused the elemental creatures to fade away and Taaru was given over to the prisoners, who no longer feared him, attacked. His subsequent fate is unknown, but he was presumably killed by them.[1]



Used the Talismans of Power, giving him the ability to summon various elementals that carried out his bidding.[1]

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