The past history of Boom-Boom on Earth-21993 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point shortly after the New Mutants were taken under the leadership of Cable. In this reality, Boom-Boom and the other New Mutants would be gathered along with other X-Men by Charles Xavier. There Xavier would get into an argument with Cable over the state of human/mutant relations leading to Xavier ordering the X-Men to remove Cable as steward to the New Mutants, if force by necessary. Boom-Boom and the other New Mutants would side by their new mentor because he was there when they were otherwise abandoned by the X-Men and X-Factor, leading to a clash between the two groups. She and the other New Mutants would manage to escape through the Morlock tunnels.

After Cable would assassinate Xavier, Cyclops and Marvel Girl he would take the New Mutants to a new base, a former Sentinel base. The New Mutants would be attacked by a squad of X-Men led by X-Men seeking to get revenge against Cable for slaying the X-Men. While Boom-Boom tried to fight the X-Men off, Wolverine would succeed in slaying Cable[1].

Following Cable's death, Boom-Boom would join Magneto's mutant army in invading Washington D.C. She would clash with the worlds heroes until they were forced to surrender Washington over to Magneto. Boom-Boom would be among the mutants in the Capital Building when Magneto would detonate a Sentinel with a nuclear warhead hidden inside. Boom-Boom would be killed in blast[2].

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