Boom-Boom was a member of the X-Men who battled Limbo's Demon Horde when it assaulted Manhattan. The X-Men failed both to repel them and to save Illyana Rasputin from N'astirh. "Limbo" was then contained behind a wall. Boom-Boom worked for the X-Men policing the boroughs and worked often with Colossus and Domino. On the five year anniversary, Colossus was to attempt his annual rescue of his sister, but Cyclops refused to send a team. Both Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde refused to let Colossus down, offering him a last chance. Boom-Boom, along with Nightcrawler and Colossus' girlfriend Domino, formed the team.[1] Nightcrawler teleported them into Inferno and they were attacked by the demon horde. Boom-Boom was captured and separated by a winged demon and Nightcrawler rescued her after she used her power to kill the demon. They crashed on the ground and Darkchild and N'astirh appeared, capturing Nightcrawler and leaving Boomer mortally wounded.[1] Boom-Boom survived and discovered by who brought her to Mister Sinister.[2] She was healed by Mister Sinister who used her to create an army of Boom Clones and reintroduced to the X-Men and Colossus.[3]

Sinister offered to help them, but Madelyne, still angry over how Sinister had toyed with her life, used her telepathy to force Boom-Boom to kill him. A fight immediately broke out with Sinister's army of clones, which was then made worse by the arrival of the Darkchild and her demon horde; however, Colossus finally managed to kill his sister, thus ending the war. She, Colossus, and Domino used the power to begin hoping between domains.[4]


Seemingly those of the Tabitha Smith of Earth-616.


X-Men costume and police officer uniform.[1]

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