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The Tablet of Death and Entropy was a Lemurian artifact, a stone tablet with magical ancient runes inscribed on its surface. It was stolen by Overdrive from a museum under the orders of Mister Negative. He was foiled by Spider-Man before he could deliver it.[1] Mister Negative was able to acquire it by paying for Detective Willowby to remove it from the NYPD evidence locker. He used a formula taken from the tablet to create Devil's Breath, a powerful poison that targeted specific DNA. He stole a sample of blood from Bruno Karnelli in order to kill the members of the Maggia. Spider-Man rescued Karnelli and destroyed the Tablet, but Mister Negative pointed out that he had already written down the formula.[2][3]

After events with Sin-Eater and regaining his body, Mister Negative traded the Tablet to Wilson Fisk in exchange for his previous territories in Chinatown and, Lower East side. However, despite a fair trade, Fisk offered more territory in New York in exchange for hunting Spider-Man to retrieve the Tablet's twin half, and agreed to the offer after being presented his stiff competition with other New York crime lords.[4]


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