The Tablet of Order and Chaos is the most powerful mystic artifact in the Earth-TRN579 universe. Spider-Man shattered it during a fight with Mysterio who was there to steal it and made off with a fragment of it. Madame Web explained that the pieces were scattered across their universe, as well as two others and that if they didn't retrieve the fragments, their worlds would be destroyed. The villains who found it had their powers augmented to fulfill their desire to kill their universe's Spider-Man:

  • Kraven gained incredible speed and strength.
  • Hammerhead fused a machine gun and a cannon to his arms.
  • Hobgoblin used it to amplify his psy-powers.
  • Electro amplified his electrokinetic powers, causing him to absorb energy without limit and grow to a gigantic size as a result. Also, he could make beasts with his absorbed electricity.
  • Sandman amplified his ability to manipulate sand and was able spread his consciousness throughout the sand. Similar to Electro, he was able to generate monsters made of sand.
  • Vulture gained a teleportation ability.
  • Scorpion gained the ability to make eggs that spawned creatures similar to himself.
  • Deadpool gained the ability to create copies of himself with their own personalities.
  • Juggernaut amplified his strength, but it disrupted the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak, which adversely affected his invulnerability.
  • Norman Osborn transformed himself into a goblin-like creature.
  • Doctor Octopus Gained powerful technopathy from it also used as a power source for a condensed matter reactor as part of her plan.
  • Carnage could reanimate those it kills whom which then slowly mutate into lesser, feral versions of itself.
  • Mysterio used it to make his stage magic and illusions into real supernatural magic. Upon having the complete tablet gave him vast supernatural powers as well as multiversal reality warping power.

After collecting all of the pieces, the tablet was restored back to one piece, but was taken by Mysterio who had his powers augmented to beyond god-like powers and started to rip the multiverse apart with his new powers.

Luckily, Mysterio was defeated by the Spider-Men of Earth-TRN579, Earth-TRN581, and Earth-TRN580. Mysterio tried to reclaim the tablet but was easily knocked out by the Spider-Men.


Tablet of Order and Chaos from Spider-Man Edge of Time 001

On Earth-TRN199, Peter Parker kept the Tablet on display on his desk in the Alchemax Building. [1]

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