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In a Balkan castle, the sorcerer Taboo found the book of sins known as the Darkhold. He used the book to attempt to bring his son back to life. But, as he was weaving the mystical spell, the villagers attacked him, fearing what he would create. Led on by Baron Russoff, the townspeople stormed the barriers and ransacked all of Taboo's darkling devices. Taboo escaped with his son only by chance, while the Darkhold remained in the castle, and the secrets he needed fell into the hands of the Baron. For the next seven years, Taboo fled from country to country searching for the answers he needed to finish what he began.

In 1962, Taboo escaped from Europe to his home in Punjab during the warfare between Pakistan and India. Soldiers came to his home and took him as a prisoner to their stockades. His fame as a sorcerer was common knowledge and they believed that they could harness his powers to aid them in their battling. When he refused, he was taken to a prison camp where he found Topaz, a small child with mystic powers, being labeled a witch by the other prisoners. So, Taboo made the little girl his familiar and began to train her using her powers. After he asked her to destroy a guard tower, she took the guards weapons and they escaped from the prison camps.

Later, Taboo abducted The Werewolf in another attempt to revive his son. Topaz lured the Werewolf to Taboo using her powers. Taboo attempted to make the Werewolf tell him where the Darkhold was, because he had somehow known that the Werewolf was Jack Russell, the son of the Baron who had stolen the Darkhold from him. While the Werewolf couldn't talk, Taboo persisted. He had kidnapped Jack Russell's step-father, Phillip Russell and was holding him prisoner. As it turned out, Topaz searched the Werewolf's mind and found out that the book was destroyed by Aelfric, the Mad Monk, a priest possessed by the demonic ghost of a monk from eight hundred years before. Taboo was angered by this and told Topaz to slay the Werewolf but she wouldn't, causing him to storm off and free the Werewolf to attack Phillip Russell.

Later, he showed Topaz his disfigured, mutated son, Algon. He told her to slay the Werewolf for Algon but she still refused. As Taboo started to kill the Werewolf, Phillip Russell stepped in, having not been killed by Jack, and attempted to save Topaz (who he thought was in trouble), and ended up having his mind put into Algon's body, bringing the disfigured body back to life.[1] Taboo commanded Algon to kill the Werewolf, but, in mid-fight, the Werewolf reverted back to regular Jack Russell who took Topaz hostage. Taboo released Jack, Phillip, and Topaz, but then commanded the Skull of Daimon to send Topaz's powers to Algon, which led to another fight between Algon and the Werewolf, and ended with Taboo being crushed under a statue, killing him instantly.[2]

Later, Glitternight extracted Taboo's soul from his body and used it to create a new physical form for Taboo. Glitternight tried to persuade Taboo to join him in an evil scheme but Taboo refused and they fought. Taboo escaped and was eventually drawn to Blackgar's castle.[3] There, Taboo's physical form was struck down by Glitternight during his fight with Jack Russell and his allies. After the fight, Taboo used his remaining life essence to cure Lissa of her lycanthropy.[4]


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