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At an unknown point Taboo crashed in the Amazon Jungle. Unable to depart Earth's atmosphere he waited until he finally encountered adventure novelist Lewis Conrad and told him his story. He proclaimed he needed all of human knowledge to help to return to his planet, so Conrad went to the UN who obliged. Handing over the information Taboo revealed it was for an invasion force to conquer Earth. As he flew away, however, a hydrogen bomb inside the device exploded, blasting Taboo into pieces.[1] However, over time Taboo's body reformed in New York City. Taboo went on a rampage until a craft from his home world appeared, he greeted his people as though they were a warlike race and were the invasion force, however, his people condemned his actions, calling him "sick,"leaving with him and repairing all the damage he had done.[2]

Years later, the titan Xemnu created replicas of five monsters which he used to attack the Hulk. These monsters included Taboo, as well as Blip, Groot, Goom, and Diablo, all of which were destroyed by the Hulk.[3]

Taboo was one of the monsters contained in the Collector's zoo. He escaped along with the rest and briefly terrorized New York City before being defeated by the Thing, the Hulk, Giant-Man, and the Beast.[4]

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His mud/tar-like body had the ability to reform itself, even after an explosion. He communicated by telepathy and could fly into the vacuum of space unharmed.



Taboo could fly and used to possess a spaceship until it was destroyed.

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