Formally just a small town of over five thousand residents in Montana called Tucker Creek, near Beaver Lake. Until the Accension of Archangel, under whose orders Genocide vaporized the town. Dark Beast then used the Celestials' Life Seed and The World's technology to create a temporal anomaly, a sphere, ten miles in diameter both above and below ground, isolating the interior from the rest of the world.

Tabula Rasa encased inside the dome sphere.

The sphere collapsed the next day, but during the day that has passed outside, 130 million years passed inside, and several new species were raised there.

Later Events

With the disappearance of local law enforcement investigating the new area Cyclops Extinction Team ended up getting into a conflict between the survivors of the last great civilization to live in Tabula Rassa.[1]

During the war between the Avengers and the X-Men a scrambled psychic signal made Hope Summers, a potential host for the Phoenix Force, appear to be in five places at once. Tabula Rasa was was one such place. Members of both teams clashed at the scene, Savage seemingly misinterpreted the battle between Thing and Namor as a mating ritual, much to their chagrin.[2]

Cyclops later dumped students from his New Charles Xavier School in the area as a training exercise, but Hijack's accessing of his satellite phone alerted a SHIELD team to their presence there, necessitating a withdrawal.[3]

Points of Interest

Monument built in honor of the 5,301 men, women, and children who died at Tabula Rasa's birth, built in the center of the place.


The "good" Apex, other primitive cultures


None of the life that exists in Tabula Rasa can live outside its environment for very long as it is sustained by the residual energies of the Life Seed.[4] The area was later contained by a dome built by SHIELD and SWORD after it was thoroughly investigated.

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