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Disconnected from its original extraterrestrial host in a battle many years ago, the Tactigon fell to Earth, landing in San Francisco. Sometime later, as troubled teen Violet Lightner attempted to kill herself by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, the Tactigon detected her and attached itself to her forearm. Able to transform into the perfect weapon to defeat a given opponent, the Tactigon helped Violet to become a superhero called Armory and enabled her to defeat a giant Ultimo robot that was attacking the Mighty Avengers.

Violet was later stripped of the Tactigon after accidentally killing MVP during a training session. Tactigon was then used by KIA, a clone of MVP.

The Tactigon was a very powerful weapon that found any enemy's weakness and adapted itself to exploit it. It was capable of emitting destructive energy blasts and could change its shape to conventional or esoteric weapons to fit whatever the situation required. It could also take over computers around it to gain information. War Machine classified it as an Omega Level threat.

The more KIA fought, the more the Tactigon grew and covered his body.

The Tactigon was eventually recovered, and kept away from the Initiative by Tony Stark.[2]


It was classified as Omega Class[3] and Omega-Level weapon,[4] and granted the status of Omega Level threat to KIA when he was in it's possession.[5] It was compared to be at least at the level of the Kree Nega-Bands; Thor's hammer Mjolnir, and possibly even to the level of the Cosmic Cube.[3]


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