In 1936 in fascist Italy the government kidnapped a boy and killed his family. He was needed for experimentation to make the ultimate fascist super soldier.

Seven years later, the boy became the Red Skull and planned to launch a missile at the White House as a so called "gift" to President Roosevelt. The launch was shortly interrupted by a initial fight between Captain America and the Red Skull. The Red Skull defeated Captain America while his hero Mussolini was watching. He strapped Captain America to the rocket, who managed to do as well with his enemy. The Red Skull was forced to cut off his own hand to prevent himself from being taken along with the missile.

After the war, the Red Skull underwent extensive plastic surgery in a particularly successful attempt to alter his disfigured features. He also raised a daughter who became head of a crime family.

Tadzio de Santis (Earth-697064) from Captain America (1990 film) 001

"Tadzio de Santis"

In the 1960's, an American industrial complex hired the Red Skull and his thugs to assassinate President Kimball. They had already assassinated John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy.

After finding a videotape, Captain America learned the Red Skull's origin and assaulted his castle. In the midst of their battle, the Red Skull pulled out a remote trigger for an explosive device, but Captain America used the recording of the murder of the Red Skull's family to distract him. While the Red Skull was lost in thought, Captain America used his shield to send the Red Skull off a cliff before the bomb could be set off.[1]


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