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Taegukgi was the national hero of South Korea and the heart of Tiger Division, the government-sanctioned superhuman response team.[2]

When Taskmaster sought to infiltrate the Tiger Division Base in Buramsan Mountain to copy the kinesic signature of NIS director Ami Han, he ratted out a group of local terrorists to the authorities, shrunk himself using Pym Particles and rode back to base on Taegukgi's neck after he defeated them. Once the intruder was found in the air vents Taegukgi fired an energy beam into the ventilation shaft, but didn't manage to hit Taskmaster, who managed to escape.[1]

Tiger Division fighting a controlled Taegukgi

As part of a plan to stage a coup, a gangster family called the Choi Faction provided the body-snatcher villain Mongdal a power boost to take over Taegukgi's body. They threatened to let him loose on Seoul if the government didn't cede control to them. In respone Tiger Division led an attack on their base. While Mongdal used Taegukgi's body to defeat most of the team in a quick battle, White Fox and their conscripted ally Black Cat infiltrated the building he was controlling him from. Noticing the intruders Mongdal returned to his own body, but was killed by Black Cat, which gave Tae-Won full control of his body again.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Flight
  • Nigh Invulnerability: While under control by Mongdal, the entire Tiger Division wasn't able to take him out.[2]
  • Energy Beams: Can fire energy beams from his eyes.[1]



Superhero Suit: Sturdy, form fitting full-body suit, bearing elements of the South Korean flag


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