Tahuexco is a region in the Central American country of Guatemala.


At a bar in Tahuexco, Aleksey Sytsevich, formerly the Rhino, was revealed to still be alive. While he drank away his pains, Miles Warren arrived. A man warned Warren that Aleksei didn't like company, but Warren told him that they were about to be best friends. Aleksei said he had no friends, no world, only this. Warren then said he had skills he could use and offered him anything he wanted in exchange. Aleksei shout out that there was nothing he could offer him, but Warren showed him his supposedly dead wife, Oksana, alive and well. Aleksei said it was impossible, but the man said that everything was possible for him, and it would be the same for Aleksei if he joined him. Aleksei then told him he would do anything he asked him to do.[1]

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