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Taku served as Chief Advisor to the Black Panther. Taku has been described as an "eloquent" and somewhat poetic officer for Wakanda. Taku was often seen as a part of the Panther's inner circle. Taku contacted the Fantastic Four when T'Challa was once captured and imprisoned in Rudyarda.[1] He often travelled with the Prince outside of Wakanda. Taku spent time in residence at the Wakandan Embassy in New York.[citation needed]

Taku often sought thoughtful introspection when dealing with problems of the country. His views often conflicted with the Black Panther's more militant aide de camp W'Kabi.[citation needed]



Skilled marksman


  • Writer Don McGregor created Venomm with the intention from the beginning of showing him with Taku as lovers, but due to censorship at the time he could not show it explicitly.[2] However, in Black Panther: Panther's Prey #2, he revealed a little more of their intimate relationship when they are called "companions" and W'Kabi compares their relationship to his marriage to his wife.[3]

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