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Takuya Yamashiro was a motocross driver, son of the astrophysicist Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro, and the man who would become his reality's Spider-Man. Whilst practicing on his motorbike, Takuya began to receive telepathic messages from Garia calling out to him. His sister, Shinko and Hitomi Sakuma asked for his assistance in investigating the crashed Leopardon but Takuya refused as he had a race to compete in. His father accepted this and set out with Shinko and Hitomi. Later, before leaving for the contest, Takuya received more messages from Garia and went to investigate. In the mountains he found Hitomi and Shinko who told Takuya their father had been attacked. Takuya found his dying father who asked him to continue his work into discovering what alien invaders were trying to conquer Earth. After his father died, Takuya was attacked by the Iron Cross Army and gravely injured and he fell into the cave where Garia was imprisoned. Garia saved his life by giving him the Spider Bracelet and Spider Extract and informed Takuya of the invasion of Professor Monster, as well as his personal history.[2]

Back at his house, Garia told Takuya of his new costume and abilities and tested them out, before discovering the Iron Cross Army had kidnapped Professor Fujita. Spider-Man set out to confront the group and freed the Professor. He was then attacked by his first Machine Bem monster Boukunryu and found himself unable to defeat the monster, until he summoned Leopardon and unleashed its sword vigor and destroyed Boukunryu, vowing to defeat the rest of the Iron Cross Army.[2]

Takuya was later informed by Hitomi that a train had mysteriously overturned. They investigated and during the course of the investigation, the pair were attacked by the Iron Cross Army. Takuya had Hitomi flee so he could change into Spider-Man and was able to defeat the group, but Hitomi believed that Takuya had abandoned her. Later Takuya tracked down the Iron Cross Army and discovered Soutoukin was trying to crash another train, but was able to defeat him using Leopardon.[3]

Takuya was brought into the war against the Inheritors by Earth-616's Spider-Man and Spider-Girl, as well as Earth-65's Spider-Woman. As soon as the group arrived in their former safe zone, Earth-13, Takuya, who was already piloting the Leopardon, faced off against Solus, but the villain made quick work of the giant robot. Luckily, Takuya managed to escape the confrontation alive and join the rest of the spiders.[4]

Yamashiro stayed with the group of Spiders and during the final battle in Loomworld, he was reunited with Leopardon. Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider managed to fix the robot with "some future tech and some steam-power". After the Inheritors' defeat, Takuya safely returned to his world.[5]

Somehow either prior to or during the battle with the Inheritors, Professor Monster returned as Prime Minister Monster, eventually engaging Takuya in a decisive battle, Spider-Man managed to capture the living head of Prime Minister Monster and take him to Planet Spider for judgment.[6]

Yamashiro remained on Planet Spider, where he had lived in a traditional Japanese house, and allowed Spider-Zero to stay with him until Miles came. Soon after, Spider-Zero and Miles began their journey to repair the multiverse.[7]

The Machine Bem Monsters that were created to stop Takuya attacked the new team of Spider-Men, and Takuya came through a portal from Planet Spider along with Leopardon. He was a major fighter in the final battle, and was sent back to his home universe by Spiderling.[8]


Power Grid[12]
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  • Master Martial Artist[1]
  • Detective skills[1]
  • Indomitable Will
  • Master Acrobat
  • Spider Kick


  • Poisons[1]
  • Frequencies that affect spiders[1]



  • Spider Protector: The proper name of Takuya's Spider-Man costume. Unlike his mainstream counterpart, Takuya keeps his outfit stored inside his Spider Bracelet and wears it only when changing identities. When Takuya releases it from his bracelet, it instantly wraps into his body, allowing Takuya to change into it easily.
  • Spider Bracelet:[1] A bracelet worn around Spider-Man's left wrist, it substitutes the Web-Shooters and vanishes when not in use.[1] It is also used to store the Spider Protector when Takuya is not wearing it. Similar to the web shooters, the Spider Bracelet can shoot nets and strings that are made from a special type of liquid called "Spider Fluid", which is stored within the bracelet and produces an infinite supply. The bracelet is equipped with a homing device that allows Spider-Man to summon the GP-7 or Marveller. It also functions as a multi-purpose tool for detecting mines, identifying extraterrestrials, unlocking doors, reflecting lasers and much more.[1]
    • Spider Strings:[1] A rope made of spider webbing shot from Spider-Man's Spider Bracelet. It can pull objects that weigh more than a hundred tons.
    • Spider Net:[1] A net made of spider webbing also shot from Spider-Man's Spider Bracelet. It is used to capture a group of enemies at once.
    • Spider Extract:[1]


  • Leopardon is equipped with the following types of weapons, which are used accordingly to the situation.
    • Arm Rocket: A flying rocket punch capable of destroying walls with five feet of thickness.
    • Arc Turn: The decoration on Leopardon's head flies around like a boomerang. It emits a ray of light while flying.
    • Leopardon Strings: A rope that attaches to objects that is launched from its chest.
    • Spider Protector: A shield created from an energy panel emitted by both of Leopardon's lower legs, it takes the shape of a spider webbing.
    • Sword Vigor: A sword attached to Leopardon's right leg, Leopardon never actually wields it in combat, throwing it instead for its finishing move against the Machine BEMs. It is a powerful weapon due to its capability of destroying most Machine BEMs in a single blow.


  • The Spider Machine GP-7 is Spider-Man's flying car. The car is equipped with machine guns and missile launchers inside its bonnet. It is usually stored inside the Marveller aircraft and exits the ship from the rear side of its bridge.
  • The Marveller is the spacecraft that Garia came to Earth with. It is 45 meters tall and weights over 25,000 tons. It is usually stored underground and surfaces by cracking the ground whenever Spider-Man summons it. The ship's bridge is shaped like a leopard's head, and is where Leopardon's head is stored, and cracks left and right when transforming into robot mode (when it becomes Leopardon, the bridge is located inside its back). Although its shape might not seem suitable to fly within the Earth's atmosphere, it has the capability of flying at a speed of Mach 15 (11,419.46 miles per hour). It is capable of flying to outer space at the speed of light. Because the Marveller is usually transformed immediately into Leopardon whenever Spider-Man boards it, it is rarely seen in spacecraft mode. The Marveller is primarily equipped with cannons in each paw called the Fire Thunder, which are capable of destroying most Machine BEMs.
  • Leopardon is a giant robot that the Marveller can transform into. It is over 60 meters tall and has a weight of over 25,000 tons. According to Murakami, the name may have been taken from the German battle tank Leopard.


  • Shinji Tôdô portrayed Spider-Man in the 1978 television series Supaidāman and the film of the same name.
  • There are a few differences between the American and Japanese Spider-Man:
    • Peter Parker obtained his powers from a radioactive spider bite while Takuya got his powers from spider extract from planet Spider.
    • Peter lost his Uncle Ben when he became Spider-Man and lost his parents, Richard and Mary, in childhood and lives with his Aunt May. Takuya lost his father Hiroshi before he became Spider-Man and is living with his sister Shinko and little brother Takuji.
  • While searching for him, Peter Parker noted Takuya had a strong reading as a Totem, though it took at least three jumps to two different universes to find him.


  • It is said that only one of the original suits used during the filming of the show has been preserved. The suit that was preserved was the same one that was used during the interview with Stan Lee on the DVD set of the series.
  • No toy version of the Spider Bracelet was ever made during the run of the show's airing, while related products and manga adaptations omitted the bracelet altogether. Moreover, a lighter version of the Spider Bracelet prop was built specifically for action scenes, since the one used in close shots was too heavy for the suit actor to wear during stunts.
    • Bandai would eventually make an electronic toy replica of the Spider Bracelet as part of the Soul of Chogokin GX-33R Leopardon set.[9]
  • Supaidaman's first appearance in American comic books took place in Spider-Verse, but his inclusion in the story was a gaffe, since Marvel Comics didn't actually have permission to use the character. When Toei Company, the creators and owners of the character, found out, they asked Marvel to not use Supaidaman again. However, Supaidaman's acknowledgement in Spider-Verse was acclaimed by his Japanese fans, prompting Toei to change their mind and let Marvel keep using the character.[10]

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