Appearing in "I Created Sporr! The Thing That Could Not Die!"

Featured Characters:

  • The Professor


Other Characters:

  • The Villagers



  • Growth Machine

Synopsis for "I Created Sporr! The Thing That Could Not Die!"

A scientist moves into Dr. Frankenstein's castle to set up his experimental growth ray. When he trains it upon an amoeba, the frightened villagers burst in, and seeing the equipment, think he is going to bring ruin down upon them and hustle him off to the town jail. With no one to shut off the growth machine, the amoeba grows to huge size and smashes out of the castle to menace the village. The scientist escapes his jail cell and uses his lab coat soaked with sugar to lure Sporr into a quicksand pit.

Appearing in "I Know the Secret of the Flying Saucer!"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "I Know the Secret of the Flying Saucer!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 11 011
150 Martian flying saucers land on Earth, but do nothing after landing. Since no pilots emerge the natives transport the craft to military bases where their hulls are experimented upon, but cannot be penetrated. At a prearranged signal, all the saucers open a port. The curious scientists and military men enter, but discover no pilot or instrumentation. After they leave, the saucers return to Mars secure in the knowledge that was absorbed from their minds that Earth is no threat to them. The saucers themselves are the Martians.

Appearing in "Beware the Eyes of Igor!"

Featured Characters:

  • Igor

Other Characters:

  • Police


Synopsis for "Beware the Eyes of Igor!"

A hypnotist attempts to mass hypnotise a movie theatre to steal everyone's wealth. However, in the process he hypnotises himself and ends up being arrested.

Appearing in "I Escaped to Another World!"

Featured Characters:

  • Convict

Supporting Characters:

  • Dr Kermanki



  • Time Machine

Synopsis for "I Escaped to Another World!"

A convict escapes prison and kidnaps a time machines creator and forces him to send him back in time in order to escape the police. After arriving in London in an unspecified date he breaks into a wax museum to steal clothes. When he is startled by someone he accidentally shoots them dead, but realises that it is his own grandfather when he notices a tattoo on the man's hand. The criminal then disappears wondering how he was able to kill his own grandfather.


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