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Appearing in "The Thing Called Metallo!"

Supporting Characters:

  • Metallo's Creators



Synopsis for "The Thing Called Metallo!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 16 001.jpg

An escaped con overhears a news story about scientists seeking volunteers for testing a new suit of armor impervious to radiation. He thinks he would be safest from the police inside the suit, so he volunteers for the job. After several successful tests, it occurs to him that he is so powerful as long as he remains inside the suit that he need no longer fear being apprehended and returned to jail. He goes on a crime spree, first robbing a bank and then approaching Alcatraz with the intention of freeing the prisoners to forge into his personal army. Just as he is about to free the first group from their cells, he is struck with horrible pains and so makes his way to the prison infirmary. After describing his symptoms, the doctors tell him the only available treatment for him is radiation. He realizes if he leaves the suit to accept the treatment he will be captured, and so he heads off into the desert to ponder his decision.

Appearing in "Nightmare!"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "Nightmare!"

A man nightmares haunt him so much he goes to see his friend who gets annoyed and tells him to leave. This get the man killed but it turns out this was all a dream by the second man, the first man is actually fine.

Appearing in "The Hands of Hogarr!"

Featured Characters:

  • Carl Gruko

Supporting Characters:

  • Gypsy Hogarr
  • Inspector Baynard


Synopsis for "The Hands of Hogarr!"

A diamond thief and murderer attempts to hide from Interpol by getting a gypsy to change his face, however he is caught and run over when he tries to flee as the face he had was the Interpol agent sent after him


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