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Appearing in "Titan, the Amphibian from Atlantis!"

Featured Characters:


  • Titan (First appearance) (a monster from Atlantis)


Synopsis for "Titan, the Amphibian from Atlantis!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 28 001.jpg

A monstrous representative from Atlantis visits the surface world with an offer of wealth for a human traitor that will inform Atlantis of human defenses in preparation for their coming attack. The wealthy industrialist John Cartwright agrees to the offer, and Titan stipulates if the information does not help in our conquest, his reward shall be death. The industrialist agrees to the terms. All of mankind grows to loathe the name of the human traitor and every nation bands together in preparation for the Atlantean attack. It never comes, for unknown to everyone, when Titan transports the man back to Atlantis he gives the king a line of total BS about humans possessing shrinking rays and anti-gravity guns that could defeat any possible invasion. The awestruck king asks Titan if this could possibly be true and Titan answers that it must be, for he knows that if his information does not help us, it means his death. Titan slays the man who bravely accepts his fate, sacrificing himself for the human populace that hates his memory.

Appearing in "Special Sale"

Featured Characters:

  • Marvin Kale
  • Paula Kale

Synopsis for "Special Sale"

Two page text story. Marvin Kale buys a mysterious cleaner at the supermarket.

Appearing in "Back from the Dead!"

Featured Characters:



Synopsis for "Back from the Dead!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 28 009.jpg

Harry Dawes, an escaped convict, winds up on Easter Island where a man he assumes is a native asks him for help in locating a parchment which, when read, will reawaken the statues which are really aliens in suspended animation. He eventually locates the parchment, but when he tries to make the aliens follow his orders they refuse, and he attempts to get the native to help him escape the island. The native removes a mask to reveal himself as the captain of the Stone-Men.

Appearing in "The Dummy"

Featured Characters:

  • Uranusians (First appearance)
    • The Great Greogory
    • Herman the Dummy


  • Uranusian's unnamed planet
  • Earth

Synopsis for "The Dummy"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Appearing in "The Secret of the Black Planet"

Featured Characters:

  • Bruno Brugg


  • Unnamed future reality

Synopsis for "The Secret of the Black Planet"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 28 020.jpg

A man escapes from a prison planet only to mistake a native creature on another world for a rocket ship and ends up devoured.


  • The first story is numbered V-559.
  • The third story is numbered V-560.
  • The fourth story is numbered V-561 and is signed by creator Paul Reinman
  • The fifth story is numbered V-562 and is signed by creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

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