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Appearing in "Meet Mr. Meek!"

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Synopsis for "Meet Mr. Meek!"

Silvester J. Meek obssesive desire to recreate Midas touch seemingly pays off, but then he begins to turn everything into gold and cause havok in town. Meek's best friend realises the touch is actually created by aliens and is able to scare them away. Returned to normal Meek gives up his obssession and reunites with his girlfriend

Appearing in "The Final Weapon"

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Synopsis for "The Final Weapon"

A scientist creates a bomb so powerful that it scares the world's countries into making peace. However the story ends with the scientist revealing the bomb was harmeless and created for that purpose.

Appearing in "The Gorilla from Outer Space!"


Synopsis for "The Gorilla from Outer Space!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 36 026.jpg

An out of work ventriloquist sees a newspaper article about a gorilla being captured in the park and placed in the zoo and so decides to get some publicity by throwing his voice at the cage to make it appear as though the gorilla is a visitor from space. He does such a good job that the zoo officials open his cage, which frightens the man because the gorilla comes up to him and seizes him by the arm to lead him into the park. The man panics and asks for help but the other people do nothing figuring the gorilla is obviously civilized and merely wishes to speak in private. The gorilla reveals to the startled man a spaceship and addresses him "I thought you would want to see my spaceship since you were the only one to guess my secret. I could not speak before until I listened to you as I did not know your language but it is a simple matter for me to learn it. It is a long journey back to Vega. Come along, my new friend." To which the ventriloquist can only think to himself as he rockets away from Earth "Me and my big mouth."

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