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Appearing in "Haag! Hunter of Helpless Humans!"

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Synopsis for "Haag! Hunter of Helpless Humans!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 37 001.jpg

An alien hunter comes to Earth in order to hunt humans in his spaceship surrounded by an impenetrable force field. A big game hunter gets the idea to use helicopters to drop a large steel net over Haag's ship to trap him despite the force field. Haag agrees to release his prisoners and depart Earth.

Appearing in "A Voice in the Dark"

Featured Characters:

  • Freddy Sloan

Synopsis for "A Voice in the Dark"

Running from the cops Freddy Sloan decides to hide inside an seemingly empty wax museum. However Freddy begins to hear a strange ghostly voice repeatedly saying he's in danger, frightened he runs from the museum into the arms of police. The story ends revealing "the voice" was actually a broken recorder, however it's still implied one of the statues set it off.

Appearing in "Behold the Monster!"

Featured Characters:

  • Joe

Other Characters:

  • J.G.

Synopsis for "Behold the Monster!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 37 020.jpg

A publicity agent has a large paper mache monster created to promote a new movie but is despondent when his boss criticizes him for public complaints the object is generating. Unknown to anyone on Earth, an alien invasion force is drawing near when its commander orders the viewscreen to display a typical Earth creature so they will know what to expect. When the viewscreen picks up the large monster, the alien commander panics and orders a full retreat.


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