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Appearing in "The Teenager Who Ruled the World!"

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Synopsis for "The Teenager Who Ruled the World!"

A teenager finds a magic lamp with a genie. With the Genie's powers the protagonist becomes the ruler of the world, However after realizing how hard he will have to work for that the boy wishes to turn everything back and gives up the lamp.

Appearing in "We Can't All Be Human!"


Synopsis for "We Can't All Be Human!"

A seemingly good nature group of aliens arrives on earth and is well welcomed, they say to be pursuing space pirates who soon will arrive. However an young man remains suspicious, investigating he discovers the "good aliens" are the pirates themselves, he's able to tell the truth in time and the villains are arrested by the true space cops

Appearing in "The Man in the Mirror!"

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Synopsis for "The Man in the Mirror!"

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 38 027

A millionaire buys an enchanted mirror that allows him to wish any person he dislikes to be trapped inside of it. He wishes dozens of people into the mirror until he is contacted by agents of the IRS who wish to audit his books. He briefly considers wishing them into the mirror, but realizes that the government would just send more, so he decides to wish that no one will ever bother him again. He gets his wish, as he finds that all the people who were trapped in the mirror have been released and now he is its sole prisoner.


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