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Quote1.png So lady-killer Stark is just an old softie at heart! He supports charitable causes and even has time to plan amusements for orphan children! Quote2.png
Tony Stark's date

Appearing in "The Stronghold of Doctor Strange!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tony Stark's date
  • Carla Strange (First and only known appearance)


  • Unnamed bank robbers (Only in flashback)
  • Unnamed aliens (presumably from last issue) (Only in flashback)
  • Communists (Only in flashback)
  • Doctor Strange (Carlo Strange) (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The Stronghold of Doctor Strange!"

While at a charity fundraiser for a children's hospital, Anthony Stark donates $100,000 dollars and states that he has contacted his friend Iron Man to entertain the children the next day. He receives much applause from the crowd, as well as the adoration of his girlfriend. Stark explains to the girl that he has far too many responsibilities to make a good husband. He has munitions plants to look after, scientific research to conduct, as well as his work for the US Department of Defense. He doesn't tell her about his secret life as Iron Man or the metal chest plate he must constantly wear in order to keep his injured heart beating.

The next day, Iron Man wows the kids at the children's hospital by hovering in the sky and juggling an assortment of cars. He also catches a cannonball fired at him with his bare hands and crushes it! In a nearby prison, a diabolical plan is about to come into fruition. The villainous Doctor Strange has heard of Iron Man's publicity and he has rigged up a device from tiny electronic parts confiscated from the radios he was permitted to work on in the prison workshop. He feigns a dizzy spell and is led by prison guards back to his cell, where he activates his device and hypnotizes Iron Man! He sends a mental command that orders Iron Man to free him from the prison.

Iron Man walks like a zombie through the prison, tearing down the walls until he finally locates and frees Doctor Strange. He evades the prison guard’s gunfire by flying him away from them. With Iron Man under his mental control, Doctor Strange devises a plan to dominate the world in order to impress his estranged daughter, Carla and make up for the many years that he neglected her for his criminal career.

Doctor Strange releases Iron Man from his mental grip and sets forth to hatch his plans for world domination. On an island somewhere off the Atlantic coast of the United States, he shows his daughter Carla her new home and introduces her to his new cadre of associates, some of the most cunning scientists and power-mad military men on Earth.

Doctor Strange launches an “S-Bomb" into the upper atmosphere as a demonstration of his destructive power, and then threatens to destroy the entire planet unless every nation surrenders to him within 24 hours. Several nations trace his broadcast and launch nuclear weapons at his island, which is protected by a virtually indestructible force field.

Iron Man approaches the island by submarine and, correctly figuring that the force field would not extend below the surface of the water, tunnels into the island base from below. Once inside, he witnesses Doctor Strange and his daughter bickering over his recent deeds. Carla is appalled at her father's despotic plans and evil nature. Iron Man smashes Doctor Strange’s electrical generators, accidentally short circuiting his armor and draining its power supply in the process. Iron Man is completely helpless until Carla tosses him a flashlight containing two batteries, which Iron Man uses to recharge his armor. His plot thwarted and fearing Iron Man, Doctor Strange vanishes from the premises, saying goodbye to his “foolish" daughter.

Appearing in "The Sorcerer's Plot"

Featured Characters:

  • General Kozar (military leader from unidentified European nation)

Supporting Characters:


Synopsis for "The Sorcerer's Plot"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Appearing in "The End of the Universe"

Featured Characters:

  • Unidentified pilot

Other Characters:

  • Scientists


  • Academy of Science (3000AD)

Synopsis for "The End of the Universe"

In the year 3000 a faster than light space ship is developed to take man to the very end of the universe. Since the scientists think the chances of returning are slim, they choose a pilot with an unhappy life of no family, friends, or job who doesn't really care if he can return as long as he learns the secret of the universe. He makes it all the way to the end and the ship actually does return to Earth, but when they bring out the pilot all he can repeat over and over is "I know!" The scientists realize they must abandon their quest since the pilot's mind has snapped with his realization, but observe that at least he has finally gained some measure of happiness.


  • After breaking out of prison, Dr. Strange gathered a group of international allies, "...the most cunning scientists and power-mad military men on Earth!", in his plot to take over the world. Some of these allies may have been The Exiles.
  • This issue features the first time Iron Man uses his armor's boot jets to hover and truly fly. Up until now, his boot jets had only been capable of allowing him to make jet-assisted leaps.
  • This issue also features the first time Iron Man uses his armor's magnetic capabilities to levitate ferrous objects (multiple cars) and the first time he demonstrates that he could operate for short durations under water (having been launched from a submarine).
  • This Doctor Strange is no relation to Stephen Strange.
  • Dr. Strange's prison number is 70319

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