Quote1.png Pepper and Happy, bless their hearts, were probably looking after things for me at the plant during my absence... And knowing them, someone could have stolen the whole factory from under their noses while they argue about which of them is my most alert assistant! Quote2.png
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "The New Iron Man Meets the Angel!"

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Synopsis for "The New Iron Man Meets the Angel!"

As Iron Man guards a Stark Industries facility during an atomic bomb test, the Angel flies into the test range. Iron Man sees him and attempts to warn him of the danger. Just then, the bomb detonates. Iron Man’s armor effectively shields him from the radiation, but the Angel absorbs the full force of the explosion, corrupting his personality and turning him evil. Having recovered from the blast, Iron Man uses his new jet boots to soar into the air in order to check on the Angel, who flies from him. Iron Man gives chase until his jet boots give out, causing him to fall towards the Earth. While plummeting, he uses his "magnetic repeller" to create a counter-force to help break his fall. He crashes through the roof of a Stark Industries warehouse, but is uninjured.

The corrupted Angel returns to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and announces to the other X-Men that he is leaving the school and joining up with the Evil Mutants, because "that's where the action is." The X-Men try to talk him out of this, and as matters escalate, unsuccessfully attempt to prevent him from leaving. As he flies away, the Angel ignores Professor X's mental command to return. The Professor is left wondering if he has failed his young charges.

Professor X attempts to use his top-secret communication device to contact the Avengers for help. The Hulk, Thor, Giant-Man and the Wasp) cannot be reached. Only Iron Man, as Tony Stark, hears the summons. Feeling responsible for the Angel's madness, he resolves to make the young boy come back to his senses.

As the Angel flies over New York City, he figures that if he makes a big enough show, the Evil Mutants will attempt to contact him. He steals some sticks of dynamite from a demolition site and goes on a rampage, tossing them up in the sky, in the water, and near bridges. Although this does not succeed in drawing out the Evil Mutants, it does attract the attention of Iron Man.

Iron Man pursues the Angel through the sky, eventually coming to a stalemate. Iron Man then pulls the Angel down to the ground and tries to talk some sense into him. The Angel locks Iron Man inside a building and attempts to get away, but Iron Man tears the locked door down and continues to give chase. He spots the Angel standing atop a water tower, waiting for the Evil Mutants to show up, and puts into action a daring and risky plan. He hurtles towards the Angel and tackles him, knocking him off of the water tower. Not letting go, they race towards the sky, climbing further and further upward, until finally Iron Man’s jets run out of energy and he begins to fall. Iron Man reveals that he is gambling that the Angel is truly good and will not allow him to fall to his death. For many tense seconds, nothing happens. Then, at the last second, the Angel realizes that he doesn't want the armored Avenger to die, and swoops down to grab him just before he hits ground. This serves to snap him back to reality, reversing the corruptive effects that radiation had on his mind.

Afterwards, Iron Man explains to the Angel that his personality was affected by radiation from the atomic explosion. The X-Men arrive on the scene, having observed the battle, and thank Iron Man for saving their teammate from his evil self. Iron Man subsequently flies back to Stark Industries. On his way, Professor X communicates to him, telling him he's now indebted to the Golden Gladiator.

Appearing in "Strange Encounter"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Spy Thrillers #4.

Synopsis for "Strange Encounter"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Spy Thrillers #4.

Appearing in "The Saga of the Sneepers!"

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Synopsis for "The Saga of the Sneepers!"

The extraterrestrials known as the Sneepers hail from the Milky Way planet of Sneep. They were initially far more advanced than the humans of earth. As a people, they developed spaceflight early on and used it to invade and conquer several unnamed planets. For their next target, they discovered a small blue planet called Earth. It was too far from their planets to be reached easily, but due to the interesting life forms there, they decided to keep it under surveillance.

At first, humanity was technologically and culturally primitive, compared to the space-faring Sneepers. The cavemen were deemed beneath the Sneepers' consideration and they continued to monitor them for amusement. The rise of empires such as Rome alerted them to humanity’s capacity of advancement and conquest. Next stage was the Renaissance which alerted the Sneepers to the existence of human creativity. The Industrial Revolution had them shocked at the speed with which humanity could progress.

The Sneepers as a people developed at a much slower rate, taking twice as long as humanity had, to reach this point in development. They started worrying that the humans might one day take control of their portion of the galaxy. When humans discovered flight, the Sneepers figured rockets and space flight would be the next step. The Sneepers developed super weapons to be ready for a possible military conflict with Earth. The humans then developed nuclear technology that quickly surpassed their own methods of energy production.

The Sneepers waited for the next step in human development. They were happy to see humans threaten one another with their nuclear weapons. By the 1960s, the arms race and conflicts in Cuba and Vietnam, riots and strikes managed to persuade them that it’s only a matter of time before the humans would destroy themselves. They decided to delay their violent plans against Earth, waiting to see the human race's destined self-destruction.


  • On Page 4, in the bottom right hand corner, in the yellow box, instead of saying Antony Stark it mistakenly says Anthony Blake.
  • In "The Saga of the Sneepers!" plot by Lee, script by Lieber.
  • This is the first issue of Tales of Suspense in which Iron Man interacts with characters from another franchise of the Marvel Universe, and his membership of the Avengers is referenced.

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