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Quote1 Others tremble before me, but you merely mock me!! Others are paralyzed with fear in my presence, but you defy me!! What manner of being are you? Quote2

Appearing in "The Mandarin's Revenge!"

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Synopsis for "The Mandarin's Revenge!"

While out testing his new armor, Iron Man receives a call from Pepper Potts. She asks him to locate Tony Stark, whose presence is required immediately at Stark Industries. Iron Man returns to his office through a secret tunnel and changes back to Tony Stark. Pepper tells Stark that he's required at the Pentagon. Tony rejects both Pepper's and Happy's offer to accompany him, fearing for their safety, and even sends Hogan on an inspection tour of one of his factories, to keep him away from Pepper. Tony admits to himself that he fears a romance between Pepper and Happy could be growing.

Using a combination of his jet boots and roller wheels, Tony travels to Washington, D.C. as Iron Man, and meets with the army after changing back to his civilian alter ego. The urgency from the Pentagon results from the mysterious disappearance of Stark's newest observer missiles in Vietnam. As Iron Man, Tony hitch-hikes a ride in an intercontinental ballistic missile, in order to save battery power. Once he arrives in Vietnam, Tony checks on the remaining observer missiles, and discovers they're in perfect condition. Using a telescope, Stark follows the progress of one of the missiles in the air, and watches as it's pulled down by an unseen force. Tony concludes that the only person capable of such prowess is the Mandarin.

Tony travels to the Mandarin's castle after recalling his first encounter with the villain, deciding to go without his suit on as a preventive measure. When he enters the tunnel leading to the villain's castle, he is trapped by an iron gate. The Mandarin watches Stark's attempt at entering his domain from a monitor, and orders guards to take him prisoner. When the guards try to open Stark's briefcase, a sleeping gas is released which knocks them down. Stark dons his suit which was stored inside the suitcase and goes after the Mandarin.

After crashing through a wall, Iron Man comes face to face against the Mandarin. The villain uses one of his power rings to bury Iron Man below rubble, but the Golden Avenger easily escapes. As he approaches his enemy, Iron Man falls into a trap when he walks through a paralyzing ray. However, Iron Man resists the damage, to the Mandarin's surprise. The madman is surprised by Iron Man's ability to both resist his attacks and keep mocking him.

Iron Man is forced to flee from the battle, due the drain on his batteries. He uses his remaining energy to dodge a sword and repel a barrage of miniature attack rockets using magnetic repellant. The Mandarin uses one of his rings to engulf Iron Man in "black light," rendering him blind. The villain finally uses a set of unbreakable steel bands to trap Iron Man, and lowers a group of dynamos that would destroy him.

With no power left to break free, Iron Man accepts his fate, and wishes he hadn't been so cold to Pepper and Happy, the last time he saw them. With his seconds numbered, Tony pledges to not give up or beg for mercy, and show the Mandarin that nothing can shatter the faith of an American.

Appearing in "Secret Mission"

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Synopsis for "Secret Mission"

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Appearing in "Skrang Strikes Tonight"

Featured Characters

Other characters

  • Planet Taker Corps
  • Mrs Hotchkiss
  • Fox-People (First appearance)


Synopsis for "Skrang Strikes Tonight"

Skrang of the Planet Taker Corps lands on Earth, intending to conquer it with his matchless weaoponry, but is frightened off when he sees old Miss Hotchkiss's fox fur wrap; the Fox People being his people's ancient enemies and regarded as unbeatable any race that can wear a fox head as a trophy must be too tough to mess with!

Appearing in "Hands Off!"

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Synopsis for "Hands Off!"

Starting where the previous issue ended, Uatu is still angry and confused by the vow that he was forced to take, never to interfere, only to observe. On another planet, alien beings have run out of room to store all their radioactive waste, and have decided to shoot it into outer space, even though this action may harm another world, because it will at least save their own. Uatu sees the radioactive waste hurtling through space, and he also sees a runaway planet heading towards another world. He briefly considers stopping both of these potentially calamitous events, but remembers his vow. The radioactive waste hits the runaway planet, stopping both in their tracks, and disaster is averted without the Watcher having done anything but observe. He now sees the wisdom of the vow of his people.


  • Iron Man first appears with his rivet-faced helmet in this story, replacing the horned helmet adopted in Tales of Suspense #48.
  • This comic features the first Iron Man story to not be a one-shot, as it is left to be concluded in the following issue.
  • The Iron Man story (Sequence One) is Job #X-762.
  • A two-page text piece, (Sequence II) "Secret Mission" (Job #H-487) is contained between pages 5 and 6.
  • Sequence III is "Skrang Stikes Tonight"-- Job #X-656
  • Sequence IV is "The Watcher"-- Job #X-654
  • This issue features Tony Stark smoking a pipe.
  • References: Tales of Suspense #50

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