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Quote1.png Do I perceive the icy fingers of fear clutch your heart... just as the ice itself now tears at your armor? Quote2.png
-- Mandarin

Appearing in "Death Duel For the Life of Happy Hogan"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




Synopsis for "Death Duel For the Life of Happy Hogan"

Continued form last issue... Having kidnapped Happy Hogan thinking that he is really Iron Man, the Mandarin is about to execute him when the real Iron Man arrives to stop him.

After a pitched battle between the Mandarin and Iron Man, however Iron Man manages to fight off his foe. As he's rescuing Happy Hogan from the Mandarin's soldiers, Iron Man learns that they have altered the course of a test missile being launched in Peking to target the United States.

Iron Man redirects the missile to the Mandarin's castle, and escapes with Happy, and the Mandarin is seemingly killed in the explosion.

Appearing in "The Secret!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Officers' section, building 19, room 7


  • Yashonka guards
  • Yashonka human-operated giant robot
  • Beeper dogs
  • General Li Chou (First appearance)


Synopsis for "The Secret!"

Quote1.png At the last moment--when it counted the most--I found--my courage--! And now-- the fate of the world--may rest--upon the shoulders of--Captain America--! Quote2.png
--Agent 60's final words

On a mission to rendezvous with Agent-60, a double agent working in a secret lab of a Communist country, Captain America has come to find and destroy the plans for the Z-Ray. Tipping off security, Captain America has to convince Agent-60, who is afraid to get caught, to be brave. During the combat, Agent-60 sacrifices his life trying defend Captain America, and Cap manages to destroy the Communists Z-Ray weapon before they can use it against the US.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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