Quote1.png Once, I was a mere guinea pig for the scientists of A.I.M.! But they did their job too well... and now... I am their master! Quote2.png
-- M.O.D.O.K.

Appearing in "The Tragedy and the Triumph!"

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Synopsis for "The Tragedy and the Triumph!"

Continued from last issue... Iron Man has been defeated by the Vietnamese scientist Half-Face and the newly revived Titanium Man, and now the two villains plan to destroy a small village that has been sympathetic to the US Army that operate in the area in order to win a propaganda victory for their masters. Iron Man manages to revive himself and fight his way through Half-Face's men, while Half-Face himself and Titanium Man reach their destination. Half-Face then instructs Titanium Man to start wreaking havoc on the town. While in the United States, the mysterious visitor trying to get inside Stark Industries, knocks out the guard and scales over the wall, having become too impatient for Stark's return.

Back in Vietnam, Iron Man has arrive in the town is attempting to stop the Titanium Man from destroying the village, but is making minimal progress. Meanwhile, Half-Face while wandering the village, finds that his wife and child now live there. In the meantime, Iron Man manages to knock the Titanium Man into a dried out river bed and believes his foe to be defeated. While talking to the villages, Iron Man is unaware that the Titanium Man has revived and is about to attack him until his opponent's armor explodes and he is knocked out again.

Iron Man soon learns the cause was Half-Face, who has decided to change his ways now that he has rediscovered his wife and child.

Appearing in "If This Be... Modok!"

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Synopsis for "If This Be... Modok!"

Continued from last issue.. While attempting to save Agent-13 from AIM, Captain America has been hit with a paralyzer ray, and while Agent-13 is being brought to AIM's leader, the mysterious Modok, Captain America is about to be executed. However, the execution is stopped under orders of Modok who demands Captain America be brought to him as well.

Now, free from paralysis and face to face with Modok -- a being with a giant head on a powerful hover chair -- Captain America finds himself in a battle against this being who can fire powerful mind bolts. While Modok and Captain America battle it out, AIM takes this as an opportunity to destroy Modok and free themselves from his slavery. Preparing an escape craft, a group of AIM soldiers then travel to Modok's control room and fire upon their leader. Believing him to be dead they then try to kill Captain America and Agent-13 who easily defeat them.

Cap and Agent-13 then force themselves on board the escape sub just as Modok -- with his last ounce of strength -- uses his mental powers to set off a detonator which causes the entire base to explode. Just managing to escape, Captain America forces the AIM soldiers to surrender and turn themselves over to SHIELD.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Mails of Suspense. Letters are published from Bob Renaud and Linete Poyer.
  • This is Titanium Man's final apperance in ToS, as he will next appear Iron Man #22.

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